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Learn about Development Cooperation Major with Yaewon!

Development Cooperation is one of the four concentrations of International Studies that Ewha GSIS offers. In this post, hopefully, you will learn more what this unique, interdisciplinary major has to offer!

In Development Cooperation, you will learn about: international organizations; international development; development in developing countries; economic, political and social change and development.

Following, we have an interview with Yaewon, a Master’s Student in her first semester at Ewha GSIS!

How did you come to know about this program at Ewha GSIS? 

Well, I studied International Studies for my undergraduate studies and I wanted to continue to learn about international development. Ewha GSIS has an incredible reputation in Korea for its program in Development Cooperation so it was recommended to me by my adviser.

Could you explain to us about the program? 

This program is a 4-semester or 2 year program that trains students to become global leaders. We can gain theoretical and professional knowledge. This semester, I am taking a called Development Cooperation to learn about the basic principles and practices. I am also taking a course called Environmental Governance because I wanted to learn about sustainability and the environment. Next year, I will have an internship to gain real world experience.

What are the advantages of this program?  

Our school is culturally diverse. I meet people from all cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds everyday. The way each person contributes to classes is unique and really broadens my perspectives. I realize everyday that there is no single correct answer and I should learn to embrace and accept this diversity. This is especially important when learning international studies.

What do you personally enjoy about the program? 

My favorite part about this program is the connection I get to make with my peers and professors. The classes are relatively small so we can have rather, intense discussions. They can at times, be quite challenging but they broaden my view on topics and introduce me to new ideas.


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