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Learn about Credit Exchange with Linh!

At Ewha GSIS, you can listen to a plethora of lectures that are provided not only here but at other graduate schools and GSIS. Up to half of the total required credits can be taken at other institutions!

Meet Linh, who will talk about her experience with credit exchange program at Ewha GSIS. She is a third semester Master’s student in Development Cooperation and she is also serving a term as vice-president of the Ewha GSIS Student Council.

Linh, in the campus of Yonsei University

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Linh, a Vietnamese student at GSIS Ewha Womans University. This has been the third semester for my Master degree in Development Cooperation. For this semester, I was chosen to be vice president of GSIS Student Council, which is a great opportunity for me to be involved as well as take responsibility for students’ activities.

What was your experience with the credit exchange program?

During my second semester, I took exchange credits at Yonsei GSIS as they provided two courses which our GSIS did not provide that semester. It was a good chance for me to experience the new environment, as well as making new friends from the other school.

Could you explain to us about the program? 

The process of approval for credit exchange is quite simple. After carefully reading instruction from the guideline and asking for approval from professors, I managed to get permission from both schools. In addition, the GSIS offices of Ewha and Yonsei coordinate really well in getting information and transferring grades, so I did not have any difficulty in getting my credit after finishing the courses. However, there are some conditions that students must carefully take into consideration, for example, KGSP scholarship recipients are not allowed to take credit exchange.

What are the advantages of this program?  

The credit exchange program provided me with a good opportunity to gain experience in a different environment, with new friends and professors. Aside from credit exchange, the Student Councils of other GSIS also organize coordinated events such as hiking or the Halloween party, which are great chances to make friends and connections.

What do you personally enjoy about this program?

During my classes at Yonsei, I met really nice friends and managed to inform them about the credit exchange between GSIS. This semester, one of my Yonsei friends is taking a class at Ewha, and I hope to bring more Yonsei friends to Ewha GSIS next semester.

Last comments ?

Although credit exchange is no doubt an interesting chance for us to get experience at other universities, there would be some difficulties when changing the environment where you study. For instance, as the grading system of other GSIS are different compared to that of Ewha, you need to consider carefully before registering for credit exchange. Furthermore, as Ewha GSIS also provides a variety of interesting courses with reknown professors, it would be more convenient to take Ewha courses if they overlap with other GSIS courses at the same semester.

Linh, at Yonsei Univeristy
Linh, at Yonsei University


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