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Learn about International Trade and Investment Major with Jinna!

International Trade and Investment is one of the four concentrations of International Studies that Ewha GSIS offers. In this post, hopefully, you will learn more about this concentration through our interview with a current master’s student in International Trade and Investment.

Following, we have an interview with Jinna, a Master’s Student in her first semester at Ewha GSIS!

Monica with her friends at Ewha GSIS

Could you tell us about yourself?

My name is Jinna and I’m from China. I am a first semester student in International Trade and Investment at Ewha GSIS. For my undergraduate studies, I learned about Textile Engineering. As I studied about the textile industry, I realized that there is a huge business opportunity for international trade in textile and other related industries. Seeing this great potential, I have decided to continue my studies at Ewha GSIS, concentrating on International Trade and Investment.

How did you come to know about this program at Ewha GSIS? 

My family owns an international trade company which imports Korean and Russian textiles to sell to the Chinese domestic market. Coming from such as family, I have always been curious about international trade. All trade-related issues, whether it be the international trade war, trade between enterprises, or trade investments, spark my interests. After researching school, I decided to come to Ewha GSIS because it has one of the most diverse international programs in Korea. All courses are conducted in English and the small student-to-teacher ratio allows intensive learning.

Could you explain to us about the program? 

For my first semester, I am studying international trade policy, international economics and special topics on international trade-related issues. I have gained a broad but thorough understanding on how economic and political factors interact in shaping the international trade environment. In the following the next semesters, I expect to gain a more in-depth knowledge on trade and learn how to apply the theory of trade knowledge in practice. This serves as good training for a variety of future careers prospects.

What are the advantages of this program?  

First of all, Ewha GSIS is a very diverse university with high standards for English. This is a rare opportunity to study international trade and English professionally in a neighboring Asian country. Secondly, Ewha GSIS is in South Korea, which is at the forefront of economic globalization and is the only country in Asia that has concluded FTAs with the EU and the United States, the two largest economies in the world. South Korea and China have close trade exchanges, so I thought it would be meaningful to study international trade here.

What do you personally enjoy about this program?

Without this program, I wouldn’t have been able to meet such diverse people from all cultures. Learning their culture and way of thinking has evolved my perspective. Also, I adore my professors. They are responsible, friendly and passionate. I feel like I can learn a lot from them. They are my role-models.

Last comments ?

I think that although being focused on studying is most important, you need to make time to unwind and have fun. By taking advantage of the school’s diverse programs, I can make so many new friends. Recently, I have participated in many activities and attended lectures from other majors as a means of self-development and it has been very meaningful.

during a trip with Ewha GSIS friends

During a lecture

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