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Learn about International Relations major with Gyungeun!

International Relations is one of the four concentrations of International Studies that Ewha GSIS offers. In this post, you will learn more about this concentration through our interview with a current master’s student in International Relations.

Following, we have an interview with Gyungeun, a Master’s Student at Ewha GSIS!

Could you tell us about yourself?

Hello, all! My name is Gyungeun Ha and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations. A year ago, I graduated from Dongguk with a law degree. This semester was supposed to be my second semester, but because of the COVID situation, I’m doing an internship in a multinational company instead. I love traveling and hanging out with my friends, but unfortunately, I spend most of my time at home these days. If there are any interesting things that I can do, please share with me (haha).

How did you come to know about this program at Ewha GSIS? 

During my senior year, I took some lectures related to international law such as International Organization Law, International Trade Law, etc. These lectures made me broaden my vision and I also made me think about studying abroad. At that time, I met a friend who was preparing to enter GSIS, and she told me there are professional graduate schools of international studies, so I changed my mind and searched for more details. I liked the Ewha curriculum because it gives chances to take diverse courses including legal lectures. 

Could you explain to us about the program? 

For the first semester, I took 4 classes – Principles of International Law, Principles of International Public Relations, Political Economy of East Asia, and Women Pioneers of the World (a.k.a. Wonder Women). There are so many topics we can choose in the program such as cultures, political science, etc. Moreover, we need to take a few courses from other majors, so students can get chances to know other fields as well. The internship is also mandatory for our graduation, so students can experience practical knowledge as well through this program. 

What are the advantages of this program?  

Most of all, it is the best chance to get to know with future female leaders from all over the world! 🙂 There are many students from other countries, so we can learn about different cultures and circumstances from our own. Last semester, I took a class in Public Relations. Every student needed to have a presentation with a topic we chose, and all the classmates shared various social issues of the world. Not just the PR class, all other lectures provide chances to share and discuss with various opinions.

What do you personally enjoy about this program?

Sharing various stories with other students. Last semester, I took the Wonder Women class and I loved it. Every week, we shared stories of many women not only who are well known, but also we just personally know. Every student participated actively and supported each other so warmly. Although it was virtual, I felt so close to my classmates and the professor. All the moments in the class were so inspired to me. In this program, I think I can learn how to establish my own values and convictions through discussions and sharing stories with colleagues. 

Last comments?

Ewha was my dream school since I was a small kid, and now, I am definitely so proud of becoming a member of Ewha (and I hope you feel the same way with me haha) If you are from other countries and haven’t experienced much yet in here, I strongly recommend you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn in Korea! It is so regretful that I couldn’t meet you all in person so far. Stay healthy, and I am so much looking forward to seeing you all in person very soon!


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