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How to use the library like a pro

Graduate life revolves not only around classrooms and professors but also in self-studying moments. Tons of knowledge are waiting for you at a university library. The high-quality library service from Ewha is what you can maximize your learning experience without limit! So why don’t you make the most use of it? Here are a few good-to-know facts that will make you feel more familiar with the library.

Loan and Return at Branch Library

Sometimes, your schedule is just too tight in a semester, or you are too tired to walk uphill to the central library only to loan or return a book. I agree with you. But do not let that obstruct you from pursuing more knowledge.

Do you know that our nearest library is just 20 steps away from the IEB? The library is called Theological library. The name might sound irrelevant to what we study here at the GSIS. But we can request any book we want to borrow from the central library via the Ewha library website, and then choose where we want to get it. Later, the book will arrive at the designated place. In this case, I prefer to get it at the Theological library because it is the nearest to the main gate and the closest to the IEB, the main building where the GSIS courses occur. (However, if you live in the campus dorm, the most convenient choice might be different.)

The method of requesting the book from one library to the others is called “Branch Loan.” After you log in to the library website and find the book you want, click on the red icon next to the book ID in the book record. If the red icon does not exist, that means the title is not available for this service. (Possible reasons; it has been borrowed or reserved by another user, lost, in a course reserve, in-library-use only)

After clicking the symbol, on the next page, choose which branch library you want to get this book.

Usually, the book is ready at the branch just the day after you request it on the website. However, you must be careful that there is a time limit to receive the books from the branch library after their arrival. You must check out the books within three days, or else the books will be canceled and sent back to where it belongs. If this happens three times, you will not be allowed to request a branch library loan for 30 days as a penalty. For this reason, before you click to request a book, be sure that you can arrive there within the time limit. Other conditions of branch loan are here

Self-Return machine

If you come to the university after the library hour ends, you have only one choice of returning your book; the self-return machine. There are three spots where you can find them; 1F gate of Central Library, 1F of Student Union, ECC B3 Ewha YBM Reading Room. The opening hours depend on in which the building they are. 

I usually use the ECC machine in front of the B3 Ewha YBM Reading Room because the ECC is open until late at night. To insert the book, you do not have to push any button but gently put the book(s) inside the slot, deep enough to wake up the machine. Then, it will swiftly swallow the book and immediately show the detail of the book you returned. On the screen, you can choose whether you want to print the receipt or not. You can see that, along the process, you do not need to show your student ID card when returning a book.

The Self-Return machine is fast and convenient, and also suitable for the introvert and social-awkward like me. 

Request books from other universities: Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Don’t cry if you cannot find a hardcopy of the book you want to read. There is still hope. You can borrow a book from the libraries at other universities. 

However, the process might need a little extra effort.

  1. Click on My ELIS on the menu tab and > Interlibrary Loan
  1. Then, search for the book you want in the box at the bottom of the page.
  1. If the book is available in any library, it will appear on the next page. Click the ILL request button under any book title on the list that looks right to you. 
  1. You will see the options available in the green box. In this case, I prefer the Sogang University library. But I have to click on the “Check possible” button to see whether the book is ready for borrowing.
  1. After clicking the “Check possible” button, this page will pop-up in a new tab, leading you to the Sogang library website. Please leave the old website tab open.
  1. Here, you can see that the book I am looking for is lost. But if this is not the case, you can copy the “call number” and put it in the blank box on the previous page on the Ewha library website (which is “951 S7241 1997 v.1”.)  
  2. Do not forget to click on “Express delivery,” which is the option to get the book at the central library of Ewha, not other universities’. By selecting this option, the holding library will send the copy to your main library, free of charge.
  3. The only place that you can get and return the interlibrary-loan books is at Ewha ACE Collection (Central Library), which is on 2F of Central Library. Please note that you cannot return interlibrary-loan books to machines or branch libraries. 

E-Book and online database

Apart from hard copies, you can access the various databases and read e-books through your Ewha ID and password.

You can click eResources on the main menu tab. And click on the service you want. 

In this case, I choose a database. You need to type the name of that specific database. There is a case that you randomly find something interesting via a simple Google search, and it appears to be in some databases that prevent non-member access. You can try typing that database’s name on the Ewha library website and find the title of the book or paper that you are looking for again through that channel.


Maximize your advantage of being an Ewha student by exploring borderless learning options on eLearning ( Most of the courses are in Korean, but that is also a good opportunity for you to master your Korean skill while learning new topics. There are English TOEIC, TOEIC, OPIc tutoring courses and trial examinations, tips for getting a job, various language courses (such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.), on-campus special lecture/classes, a hundred of the past distinguished global lecture series from 2004, Korean MOOC, and a lot more!!

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