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What is DGLS? Interview with Professor Jennifer Sejin Oh

For all graduate students in the International Studies department at Ewha GSIS, it is mandatory to take two classes of IS300/301 Distinguished Global Lecture Series to complete the program. Some of you might wonder why it is essential to enroll in the lecture courses and what you could expect to see in the class.

In this interview with Associate Professor Jennifer Sejin Oh, the instructor of the courses, we will learn more about the DGLS course.

Associate Professor Jennifer Sejin Oh
What is the objective of having this DGLS class for students at GSIS? Why is it necessary for students in the International Studies field?

The DGLS provides an opportunity for students to engage and meet with professionals from various fields. Through interactions with leading professionals, students will have a chance to gain a clearer idea of different career options as well as a chance to gain better understanding of the type of work they would be expected to do once they are hired. These are practical and realistic insights that students cannot solely obtain from course work. The DGLS is also a forum where students can learn about leadership and acquire a broader understanding of important issues in the current global society. 

Dr. Hongjoo Hahm (Deputy Executive Secretary, UN ESCAP) presenting the title “Is the Korean Model of Economic Development Dead?” in Fall 2019 DGLS Lecture October 18
What are the criteria when selecting guest speakers for DGLS?

GDIS [Graduate Department of International Studies] aims to invite speakers who are recognized experts and leaders in their respective fields across private and public entities. GDIS also seeks to find speakers who can serve as positive role models for the students. 

Could you give a few examples of renowned speakers in the past?

DGLS speakers in the past include Ambassadors, government officials, and leading figures in international organizations, NGOs, public institutions, and the private sector. 

Ambassador Nabih EL ABED (Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia) presenting the title “A New Tunisia: Hopes & Challenges” in Fall 2019 DGLS Lecture on November 22
What can students expect to see from DGLS sessions in Fall 2020?

Due to the prolonged Covid-19 situation, DGLS sessions will mostly be conducted through Zoom in the fall semester of 2020. I am currently in the process of inviting speakers from a wide range of fields to address the interests of students from all four majors [Note: the interview was conducted in August 2020].

Ambassador Peter Lescouhier (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium) speaking on the title “Present and Future EU – RoK Relations – a View from Belgium” in Fall 2019 DGLS Lecture on September 20
As an instructor of the class, do you also learn new things from this course?

Definitely. The best part of attending DGLS is learning about new areas and issues. DGLS speakers are active in their fields and provide the most up-to-date insight from their respective fields. 


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