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Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam

One of the most highly discussed topics circulating around Ewha GSIS has been the discussion over what is the “English Proficiency Exam.” Although it might sound intimidating or a stressful requirement, it is quite simple and we hope that current and future students will feel confident about it. So, since it is a very important discussion, let us go over the expectations and explain what the English Proficiency is through this blog post.

(The information was gathered from the Ewha GSIS office.)

1. What is the English proficiency exam?

The English proficiency exam serves as a way to demonstrate that international students, those entering Ewha Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), can speak English well. As the classes in the International Studies Department are conducted in English, this exam will help serve whether students are prepared enough. It is important that international students take the English proficiency exam because it will help students settle well into Ewha GSIS and make the experience a great experience. Not to mention, most universities require international students to take the English proficiency exam as one of the graduation requirements. Please keep in mind that it is a very important requirement, but do not fret! 

2. Who needs to take it?

As mentioned above, the English proficiency exam is a graduation requirement, so every international student needs to take it. But for those who come from countries that use English as one of their official languages, students can substitute the exam with an 8-1 form and a copy of their passport. 

3. When should newly admitted students take it?

Newly admitted students should take the exam before graduation, as it is a graduation requirement! It is recommended to submit the exam score as early on during the student’s time at GSIS because there could be instances in which students are unable to graduate and have had to take extra semesters. The reason there have been these instances has been because students were not able to achieve the score at the last minute, so don’t worry, just make sure to plan ahead and you will be all set!

4. How long does the certificate/exam score last?

In regards to the duration of the certificate/exam score, it depends on the English exam the student takes, but give or take, the average exam score usually lasts two years. It is up to the student to check on the score expiration date and submit it BEFORE the expiration date.

5. If it expires during my second semester and I have two semesters left, what should I do?

In this case, if a student submits their score after they take the English proficiency exam and pass, all they have to do is just hand it in and then that’s it! Students do not need to retake the exam even if the score expires before graduation. However, if the score had already expired, students cannot submit that score. So if students have a passable score, it is important to submit it and be done with it. Please do not keep your score from waiting to be handed in, if you hand it in at the last minute it will be stressful!

6. Do I have to submit my exam score even if I submitted a passing score during application? 

This part has been tricky and can be confusing, so we hope that students will understand from this explanation! Whether a student has to take the exam again or not, is different from the score a student submits during the application. Even if a student has submitted a passing score it doesn’t mean that the student automatically passes the English proficiency exam requirement. However, a student CAN submit the same score. If a student wants to do so please let the GSIS staff know (Ms. Bae) because the GSIS staff has many documents from incoming students making it difficult to cross-reference the documents and check whether that student passed or not.

7. Where should I hand in the result?

The final step and the most important step, where to hand in the result! The results are to be handed in, to the GDIS TAs. Students can hand them in in person at the GSIS office located in the International Education Building, 11th-floor room 1102, or submit the results to

You may also find more information through this post on the Ewha GSIS page!

Thank you for reading this blog post, we hope that your answers have been answered and your time at Ewha GSIS will be smooth sailing from here on out. Of course, if there are any other questions regarding the English proficiency exam or any GSIS related questions, we hope to hear from you.


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