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The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Ewha Womans University, South Korea, was established to spearhead the effort to produce the finest global leaders for the 21st century. Since its establishment, Ewha GSIS has been committed to educating and training women leaders and global experts in the fields of International Studies and Korean Studies. 

In efforts to connect with our prospective, current and past students, we present the Ewha GSIS Blog brought to you by the Ewha GSIS Promoters! Through our blog, we hope to build a forum for communication and provide information about our school.

Read on to learn more about our majors and concentrations, student life and outreach programs, alumnae and more!


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Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam

One of the most highly discussed topics circulating around Ewha GSIS has been the discussion over what is the “English Proficiency Exam.” Although it might sound intimidating or a stressful requirement, it is quite simple and we hope that current and future students will feel confident about it. So, since it is a very importantContinue reading “Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam”

EWHA GSIS Scholarships

Ewha GSIS offers a lot of scholarships to GSIS students. From On-Campus scholarships to Off-Campus scholarships, Ewha GSIS students have the opportunity to apply for them. Let’s find out about what kind of scholarships Ewha GSIS provides to Ewha GSIS students.

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