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Marketing, Entertainment, and International Business: Interview with Professor Lynn Pyun

In this interview, we will get to meet Professor Lynn Pyun, International Business Professor at Ewha GSIS. Professor Lynn Pyun will teach Global Marketing Management and Organizational Behavior this Spring Semester 2023. We hope that through this interview, students at Ewha GSIS will learn of the amazing resources and connections Ewha GSIS faculty offers them.Continue reading “Marketing, Entertainment, and International Business: Interview with Professor Lynn Pyun”

The Life of an Ewha-KOICA Student

Ewha Womans University GSIS has been running Ewha-KOICA Program since 2007. One of the students, Julia Christine Uy Roque, from 2021 Ewha-KOICA Master’s Degree Program in Gender Leadership (Asia) received the Best Thesis Award for her thesis: Does Aid Strengthen Resilience or Perpetuate Fragility? A Case Analysis on Muslim Mindanao. We had an interview withContinue reading “The Life of an Ewha-KOICA Student”

Study at Ewha GSIS as a GKS Recipient

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Fisher and I am almost a month into my first semester as a Ph.D. student focusing on International Relations in the Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha Womans University. I first became aware of the Global Korea Scholarship in 2019 when it was still referred to as theContinue reading “Study at Ewha GSIS as a GKS Recipient”

[KR] The 9th Korean-German Junior Forum (제9차 한독주니어포럼)

At the beginning of the month of November, the 9th Korean-German Junior Forum (제9차 한독주니어포럼) took place. The event took place from November 3rd until November 5th, 2021, where 23 Korean representatives and 23 German representatives – all under the age of 35 – came together to discuss important topics. Such topics ranged from: EqualContinue reading “[KR] The 9th Korean-German Junior Forum (제9차 한독주니어포럼)”

Must Visit Places at Ewha

Although Ewha is known for its beautiful landscape and architecture, Ewha has a lot of beautiful historical sites that deserve to be profiled. Here are some of the historical places that we would like you to know. Ewha Archives The Ewha archives is a simple yet symbolic building. Not only is it a historical site,Continue reading “Must Visit Places at Ewha”