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Introduction to Ewha GSIS Computer Lab by Souhaila

Written by: Souhaila, Ewha GSIS Student (4th semester) – International Business Major.

Ewha Womans University, Graduate School of International Studies offers its students the possibility to use various facilities on-campus, including computers. For this reason, a whole room of about 20 computers are equipped with numerous software and programs a student may need. Ewha GSIS Computer Lab is open to all students of GSIS. It is located on the ninth (9th) floor of the International Education Building (IEB), Room number 901. The computer lab is open throughout the semester, from Monday to Friday and from 9AM to 5PM, except the official holidays when the PC Lab is closed.

As mentioned above, there are software and programs such as Mathlab, SPSS, STATA, Microsoft Office and many more. Students can also surf the internet, do research and write their term papers, or do and print their assignments and other school related documents. The printer located in the computer lab is always at the service of the students. Yet to use it, students must create their own ID and password. Which is very easy and takes only 1 minute. By filling out the required fields such as e-mail, ID, PW and Full name. Students are advised to use an easy ID and PW, for a quick and easy use of the printing machine. A detailed creation process of the ID and PW is available beside some computers and students are invited to check it out once they visit the computer lab. Or you can ask the TA (person in charge of the Computer Lab) anytime, she will be happy to help you out. By the way, the printer is equipped with a payment machine in order to print documents. The payment device accepts various payment methods, including T-money card and Bank card, either debit or credit card, even Kakaopay is acceptable. Hooray!! No need to go outside of the campus to print your documents. Is this amazing? Just ask the TA in charge if you are having trouble printing or using the printer or payment device. No worries, it is not hard to use them, but in case of any difficulties, the TA will always be there to help you. You can still watch Ewha GSIS Computer Lab Tour on Ewha GSIS YouTube Channel. 

Another important information to all students of Ewha GSIS is, in order to use the computer lab and other facilities on-campus of Ewha Womans University, you must always carry on your ID card. Without it, you will not be allowed to use any facility on-campus.

Every student can use the computers, printer, and scanner in the computer lab freely. Yet there are few rules that must be respected and followed. 

First, and due to COVID-19 situation, every student who wishes to use the computers in the lab for researching or doing assignment purposes, except printing, must make a reservation in advance through this link. Due to the pandemic situation, only up to three students are allowed at once inside the computer lab. So always make sure to make your reservation in advance. Few rules must be respected by the students regarding the use of the PC lab which will be communicated to all coming students by the Ewha GSIS Main Office through e-mail. 

Second, all students wishing to use the PC lab must keep on their masks and be advised to use the given Hand Sanitizers and Spray Sanitizers before using the computers. The TA (Staff) will make sure to measure your body temperature before entering the PC lab. Also, students with 37.5 or higher body temperature will not be allowed to use the computer lab for the safety of the staff and other students.

We wish all the coming Ewhains to have a great time as Ewha Womans University – Graduate School of International Studies’ students. Enjoy every moment of it, because time flies by really quick.

Stay safe and Healthy!

And thank you for reading this post.


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