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The Life of an Ewha-KOICA Student

Ewha Womans University GSIS has been running Ewha-KOICA Program since 2007. One of the students, Julia Christine Uy Roque, from 2021 Ewha-KOICA Master’s Degree Program in Gender Leadership (Asia) received the Best Thesis Award for her thesis: Does Aid Strengthen Resilience or Perpetuate Fragility? A Case Analysis on Muslim Mindanao. We had an interview withContinue reading “The Life of an Ewha-KOICA Student”

2022 International Cultural Festival

On November 30th, the International Cultural Festival was held in the LG Convention Hall in the International Education Building. For many years this has been one of the most anticipated events of Ewha GSIS. Due to Covid restrictions, it was not possible to hold it in the past few years, so everyone was thrilled aboutContinue reading “2022 International Cultural Festival”

A forward-looking discussion on the Canada-Korea relationship and women’s leadership in the international sphere

On October 13th, Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Ewha for an intimate, closed-door discussion, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session where our GSIS students could ask questions that they felt were important regarding her work or the topics that were brought up. It was a very thought-provoking discussion that touched onContinue reading A forward-looking discussion on the Canada-Korea relationship and women’s leadership in the international sphere

Study at Ewha GSIS as a GKS Recipient

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Fisher and I am almost a month into my first semester as a Ph.D. student focusing on International Relations in the Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha Womans University. I first became aware of the Global Korea Scholarship in 2019 when it was still referred to as theContinue reading “Study at Ewha GSIS as a GKS Recipient”

A Tale of Two Sisters

More and more people are learning about Ewha GSIS and telling their friends to apply, through this interview sisters Clarissa (GDKS graduate) and Lidya (GSIS current student), will share how they came to Ewha GSIS, their first impressions of Korea, and what it feels like having a sibling already have gone through the process! CouldContinue reading “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Remembering the Korean War

Ph.D. candidate, Chanamas Phengsomboon from Thailand, studies teaching Korean as a Foreign Language at Ewha GSIS, Department of Korean Studies. She is no stranger at Ewha GSIS as she earned her master’s degree back in 2013, in the same major, teaching Korean as a Foreign Language. Ms. Phengsomboon’s motivation to learn Korean can be aContinue reading “Remembering the Korean War”

Distinguished Global Lecture Series: ‘Preparing to Lead: Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Leaders’

The first William J. Perry Lecture in association with Ewha GSIS Distinguished Lecture Series, invited prestigious guest speaker, Dr. Janet Napolitano to discuss: ‘Preparing to lead today’s challenges for tomorrow’s leaders.’ The lecture was held both offline and offline, with the recently lifted COVID restrictions, more students were able to participate offline. Following the lecture,Continue reading “Distinguished Global Lecture Series: ‘Preparing to Lead: Today’s Challenges for Tomorrow’s Leaders’”

[KR] The 9th Korean-German Junior Forum (제9차 한독주니어포럼)

At the beginning of the month of November, the 9th Korean-German Junior Forum (제9차 한독주니어포럼) took place. The event took place from November 3rd until November 5th, 2021, where 23 Korean representatives and 23 German representatives – all under the age of 35 – came together to discuss important topics. Such topics ranged from: EqualContinue reading “[KR] The 9th Korean-German Junior Forum (제9차 한독주니어포럼)”

Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam

One of the most highly discussed topics circulating around Ewha GSIS has been the discussion over what is the “English Proficiency Exam.” Although it might sound intimidating or a stressful requirement, it is quite simple and we hope that current and future students will feel confident about it. So, since it is a very importantContinue reading “Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam”