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Must Visit Places at Ewha

Although Ewha is known for its beautiful landscape and architecture, Ewha has a lot of beautiful historical sites that deserve to be profiled. Here are some of the historical places that we would like you to know. Ewha Archives The Ewha archives is a simple yet symbolic building. Not only is it a historical site,Continue reading “Must Visit Places at Ewha”


International student meetings 2020: experience and friendship

During the first few weeks of November, the GSIS office and the international students from various countries had a chance to gather and enjoy the meals and casual conversations together, bringing back the relationship among Ewha GSIS members, after the health concerns under the pandemic had been lessened.

My experience of applying for an ‘Alien Registration Card’

How important is it? The ARC will be your identification card when dealing with anything that needs to confirm your genuine identity. Yes! Including the little online shopping and payments.

Learn about the experience of taking online classes with Romy!

For most of us the previous spring semester was probably the hardest. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes in our personal and academic life, and one of it was taking full online classes. In this blog segment, Romy Darius a second semester IR major student shares with us her experience taking the onlineContinue reading “Learn about the experience of taking online classes with Romy!”