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A Tale of Two Sisters

More and more people are learning about Ewha GSIS and telling their friends to apply, through this interview sisters Clarissa (GDKS graduate) and Lidya (GSIS current student), will share how they came to Ewha GSIS, their first impressions of Korea, and what it feels like having a sibling already have gone through the process! CouldContinue reading “A Tale of Two Sisters”

[KR]Through the Anthropologist Lens: Interview with Professor Kyung Hyo Chun

천경효 교수님은 이번 봄 학기에 합류한 국제대학원 한국학과 교수님이십니다. 천경효 교수님은 이번 인터뷰를 통해 학문적 관점에 대한 설명 외에도 학생들을 위한 조언까지 해주셨습니다.

Best Thesis Award: Interview with Baek SeungJoo (Ph.D.), TKFL major

Baek Seungjoo successfully obtained the Ph.D. with her thesis topic “Process and product: Investigation of L2 Korean writing using keystroke logging” and got the Best Thesis Award.