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Coming Home: Alumna Returning to Ewha GSIS as a Visiting Professor

Having graduated from the first class of Ewha GSIS since its establishment in 1997, Professor Lee YoungAh has returned this Spring 2022 as a visiting professor. This semester Professor Lee will teach Special Topics in International Relations focusing on Crisis Communication. Her goal is to teach students skills that will be applicable anywhere they are.Continue reading “Coming Home: Alumna Returning to Ewha GSIS as a Visiting Professor”


Linking Sustainable Development & Climate Change: Interview with Prof. Jaehyun Jung

This Spring 2022, Ewha GSIS added a new professor to their full-time faculty. Professor Jaehyun Jung will teach Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, and Poverty and Development this spring semester. This interview will give students an inside look into the new professor, his academic experiences, his goals during his time at Ewha GSIS, and advice forContinue reading “Linking Sustainable Development & Climate Change: Interview with Prof. Jaehyun Jung”

Distinguished Global Lecture Series: ‘Global Challenges and Leadership’

Ewha Womans University has invited Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. Kyung-wha Kang (강경화) to be part of the Ewha family and share much insight to all woman students aspiring to become world leaders. Professor Kyung-wha Kang served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Korea under President Moon Jae-in from June 2017 untilContinue reading “Distinguished Global Lecture Series: ‘Global Challenges and Leadership’”

[KR]Through the Anthropologist Lens: Interview with Professor Kyung Hyo Chun

천경효 교수님은 이번 봄 학기에 합류한 국제대학원 한국학과 교수님이십니다. 천경효 교수님은 이번 인터뷰를 통해 학문적 관점에 대한 설명 외에도 학생들을 위한 조언까지 해주셨습니다.

“Involvement brings more motivation to learn”: Interview with Prof. Kadir Jun Ayhan

In this Spring 2021 semester, new professors will be joining the Ewha GSIS faculty. One of the professors is Professor Kadir Jun Ayhan, who will teach courses in International Relations, with a very distinguishing method of learning.