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Best Thesis Award: Interview with Baek SeungJoo (Ph.D.), TKFL major

Baek Seungjoo successfully obtained the Ph.D. with her thesis topic “Process and product: Investigation of L2 Korean writing using keystroke logging” and got the Best Thesis Award.

“Involvement brings more motivation to learn”: Interview with Prof. Kadir Jun Ayhan

In this Spring 2021 semester, new professors will be joining the Ewha GSIS faculty. One of the professors is Professor Kadir Jun Ayhan, who will teach courses in International Relations, with a very distinguishing method of learning.

Life as a TA: learn about the EWHA Scholarship on a Working Basis

As requested by the readers, we have interviewed the TAs who got the EWHA Scholarship on a Working Basis, about their roles and daily activities. If you are currently interested in joining this cozy TA team, you can see fro, this post what it is like to work as a TA in each position.