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Janet A. Napolitano Scholarship

Ewha Graduate School of International Studies would like to announce the creation of a new source of support for our international students called the Janet A. Napolitano Scholarship, which will come into effect in Spring 2022 (the 2 recipients have already been chosen for Spring 2022). The scholarship fund has been named in honor ofContinue reading “Janet A. Napolitano Scholarship”

Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam

One of the most highly discussed topics circulating around Ewha GSIS has been the discussion over what is the “English Proficiency Exam.” Although it might sound intimidating or a stressful requirement, it is quite simple and we hope that current and future students will feel confident about it. So, since it is a very importantContinue reading “Graduation Requirement: A look into the English Proficiency Exam”

Must Visit Places at Ewha

Although Ewha is known for its beautiful landscape and architecture, Ewha has a lot of beautiful historical sites that deserve to be profiled. Here are some of the historical places that we would like you to know. Ewha Archives The Ewha archives is a simple yet symbolic building. Not only is it a historical site,Continue reading “Must Visit Places at Ewha”

Ewha GSIS Blog Writers

Global Leadership for the 21st Century Ewha GSIS In efforts to connect with our prospective, current and past students, we present the Ewha GSIS Blog brought to you by the Ewha GSIS Blog Writers! Through our blog, we hope to build a forum for communication and provide information about our school. Read on to learnContinue reading “Ewha GSIS Blog Writers”

What is Ewha GSIS?

Welcome to the blog of the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Ewha Womans University. This post is a brief introduction for those of you who are not familiar with Ewha GSIS. Our mission at Ewha GSIS is to train young women to become global leaders in the fields of international trade, international business,Continue reading “What is Ewha GSIS?”