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Janet A. Napolitano Scholarship

Ewha Graduate School of International Studies would like to announce the creation of a new source of support for our international students called the Janet A. Napolitano Scholarship, which will come into effect in Spring 2022 (the 2 recipients have already been chosen for Spring 2022). The scholarship fund has been named in honor ofContinue reading “Janet A. Napolitano Scholarship”

[KR]Through the Anthropologist Lens: Interview with Professor Kyung Hyo Chun

천경효 교수님은 이번 봄 학기에 합류한 국제대학원 한국학과 교수님이십니다. 천경효 교수님은 이번 인터뷰를 통해 학문적 관점에 대한 설명 외에도 학생들을 위한 조언까지 해주셨습니다.